There is no hardware volume on the standard Shruthi, that’s OK, but is there a way to adjust the global volume by midi? I couldn’t find that.


That’s a good idea for the next firmware revision, thanks!

How would that work? I thought you said that having the volume controlled by software would be impossible…

It is impossible to make it work perfectly, eg without a resolution loss in the VCA envelope. This is a limitation of the 8-bits resolution of the CV output by the Shruthi. But I’m confident that this feature could be useful enough to justify the extra zipper noise when the volume is not set to its maximum value.

Thanks, I think it’s an interesting feature, even if it’s not adjustable at full range (0dB to -infinite). It could be useful, for example, in live performance, to adjust the volume.

yeah really cool feature!

Or just build in a volume pot? They do fit…

Yes very good idea and please make it adjustable by midi CC. I think that number 7 is the standard !

7 is yes :slight_smile:

hehe, yeah, I was also looking for CC 7

it could control the amount of the adsr of the vca, no?