Voltages - Polivoks Filter board


Is there information available which points to the correct voltages, for each of the pins on the IC’s?

No. But there’s always the schematics…

All of the ICs are standard parts with datasheets available.

Why are you asking this question?

It seemed like a good idea shiftr, but I do not really know what I’m doing :slight_smile:

Adam, fixing things that don’t work the first time can take some time (…) :slight_smile:

We’ve all been there, so you need to be patient. Have you reinitialized the unit, then select the filter, then save settings ?

Well thats it, my unit is well and trully screwed :frowning: No LED’s and the LCD is lit but not displaying anything.

I think I fried the main CPU when soldering the capacitors at C4 and C8 by accidently touching a solder point on the IC.

Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff in hell :frowning:


eeerm, did you really solder while the unit was powered?

No, TheSlowGrowth, I touched a solder point on the main chip for a second whilst it was in place.

Why do you think this has fried the IC?

Actually, how could you touch the solder point of the IC given that they are now under the screen?

I have a low profile header on my unit

I did the same with my last Shruthi so I can swap LCD’s or work on the unit in the future

that shouldn’t fry the chip if you use a proper soldering iron. Where are you located? I’m in Dresden, Germany and could maybe take a look at it.

I am in the UK, thank you for your offer of help TheSlowGrowth…I am actually tempted to catch a plane this evening to Germany just to try and get this thing working

This is a pic of my other unit with the same display header, it fits almost flush with the top of the clear case…

Maybe you can find someone 'round your place to help you. I guess buying a plane ticket is a bit overkill :smiley:

I think you are right TheSlowGrowth :slight_smile: It would be a bit nuts, but thats how this unit is making me feel, crazy! lol

Does it still boot (some LEDs on) when you take the display off ?

The display does seem a bit bright - might drain to much power ? Tried the contrast trimmer ? Sensible limiting current resistor for the display ?

I think I have found the problem…or one of the problems eelco. The connectors between to the CB and FB are poor…I had the unit working a minute ago, the output was better than before, but still a little low…I am going to resolder the pins and connectors on both boards, see if that help remedy the situation