Voltage testing on Polivoks

Is there a diagram for the correct points to be testing, like those on the build instructions for the SMR and 4 Pole mission`?

I would guess that they’re the same, seeing that a lot of the power supply sections are the same?

Different chips though… are the supply points for chips always the same?

No, definitely not. Try to google for images with the chip’s reference, then look for an image that has the pinout. Do make sure the image is really for the correct reference - google has this ‘close enough’ thing which is not very helpful for this purpose. As ground you can use the corresponding pin on the 6-pin connector.

A quick scan leads me to believe you should have +5V on pin 4 of TL084, pin 11 of LM13700, pin 8 of TL072, pin 7 of each LM4250, pin 16 of 74HC595 and 4053. You should have -5V on pin 11 of TL084, pin 6 of LM13700, pin 4 of TL072 and of each LM4250. There’s no -5V on the 74HC595 or the 4053. I may have goofed one or two of them but with no IC’s installed you won’t blow up anything even if I have.

Nice, thanks. It all looks good, voltages are all correct.

Woot !!!


Ahh sorry, I thought you were talking about the power supply :slight_smile: