Voltage problem

I am doing the voltage tests, but for R9 (purple dot) I get 4.98V, not 4.1V.

No idea, please try in english… :slight_smile:

I have translated your post to english. French is not very helpful here…

Check that IC1 is correctly soldered and oriented, and that the right part has been soldered here.

Please post of photo of your board too so that we can identify other mistakes.

Hello,i’ve checked the solder and the orientation of IC 1,it’s good![](this is the photo of my board)

Maybe you have swapped IC1 with another 3-legged part (one of the transistors?)

At this place there is the 2N 3906 transistor,is-it good?

No, this should be a LM4040 (as printed on the board).

The 2N3906 transistor goes in the “Q2” spot.

Yes,i’ve made a mistakethank you