Voltage meter required?

Hi guys,

I’m new here but very excited at the prospect of becoming a Mutable Instruments user :slight_smile:

I’ve been very excited the past couple of days waiting for the shop to reopen as I wanted to get the basic Shruthi Kit, it was going to be my first build and my first soldering since school (about 15 years ago!). I was a bit disappointed to find that the kit I wanted was out of stock, but I bit the bullet and bought the midnight edition instead, I checked the guide and thought it looked okay - more work but hopefully not too much more complicated. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist hooking up the LED eyes…

One thing I’ve noticed is that generally the ‘kit required’ for building a Shruthi is very sparse, the guide says that just a soldering iron, solder and wire cutters are needed, but in the filter board instructions, I’ve noticed a voltage meter is used. So, is this a requirement? I’m assuming it is as I can’t imagine anyone wanting to skip that step.

Will any (cheap) meter do the job, or should I look for a particular brand / particular functionality?

Wish me luck, I’ve also ordered the main parts for an Ambika - yes, I’m optimistic. :wink:

Multimeter is the correct term. You want at least two functions, voltage and continuity (resistance). All multimeters will do this, the more expensive ones will have capacitance too.

A cheapish one will do. You can get them at DIY/hardware stores.

Cheap meter will do.

Super - thanks both : )

A 5€ Meter will do for troubleshooting a Shruthi. But if you consider building more stuff yourselves a bit better will come in handy especially as the readings will be far more reliable (the cheap meters tend to have great influence on accuracy by the Batteries Level….). Anything around 30-50€ will last for the rest of your life, maybe you later want some better cables that can additionally hook to some Clamps or something……
Id go for better resolution rather than more functions, especially the Capacitance can be a PITA to use right and its easier reading the labeling - or just take a new cap from the Bag ;-).

I use this and have replaced the supplied (not really crappy bot not good) Probes by this

I bought this one, do you think it looks okay? Hopefully it will do the job in the sort term, longer term, if it seems to be insufficient I’ll upgrade then. I’m trying not to spend too much at this point, who knows, maybe I will suck at electronics (I hope not, I’m a programmer by day and I love fine detailed work).

Will do the job. If you stick with DIY it won’t be accurate enough in the long run….

Good to know, I plan on getting started with Arduino soon too, I will invest in a better one when it becomes a necessity. Really appreciate all the fast and considered advice.