Voices not in phase

I already built my Ambika (great “toy”) with 6 voices SMR and checked it with my oscar. I set mode to mono and used a single oscillator squarewave without modulation.
I could see the signals of the voices are out of phase - first i thought it may be a fault on one of the voicecards but now i think it is by design, every voicecard uses an independant processor - no common clock. Can someone confirm this behavior and is threre a way to sync the 6 voices?



There is no way to sync the 6 voices because some of the oscillators algorithm used for Ambika have no notion of phase. It wouldn’t be hard to modify the code to reset the phase counter when a voice trigger signal is received, but it’ll produce strange results with the oscillator algorithms other than basic saw/square etc.

Is there a way to reset the phase counter when switching to mono mode?