Voicecards issue [SOLVED]

i tried 1 voicecard after finishing mobo - it went great.
now i have installed all voicecards, but i accidently reversed TL074 on one voicecard, solved it, but now all voicecards have red LED on and no response to midi.
also part 5 LED on mobo is blinking randomly.
i thought i crashed firmware on voicecards, rewrote them through sd, but no effect.
any suggestions what might went wrong?
(i use standard ambika kit)

Did you put the display on the top or bottom side of the MoBo?
Spacers to the to are indeed 10mm to match the buttons height.




> on and no response to midi.

Does the motherboard still respond to MIDI (for example showing the note icon)?

There is a group of 6 LEDs on the motherboard indicating which parts are active. Is any of them on when a note is received?

here’s what i have now. the problem was in wrong diode orientation (midi protecting diode). 1N4148 from the kit has broken so it’s the alternative one. looks like it had reversed marking (different country produced it.
so now i have midi and sound. BUT)
still part5 LED is blinking randomly (it was not present on the very first launch, which is rather odd). it’s blinking GREEN. and the voicecard number 2 is quieter than the others.

I doubt that someone produces Diodes with wrong markings…… but if its working it works :wink:
If one Voiccard is quieter you most likels scrambled up some Resistors - start checking around IC5 (which contains the output amp)

it’s an old diode from soviet military and works very well:) it has nearly the same thick line as 1N4148 and a dot. well, funny story.
about voicecard. looks like it’s filter problem not amp (my bad). i’m digging it through now.
what’s my headache is blinking part5 LED…
thanks Frank and Olivier for your quick suggestions! i’m close to panic here and you definitely making it easier. it’s good to know you’re not alone

by the way, part5 LED is blinking without any voicecards attached to mobo, so it’s killing my brain

Communication to the Voicecards is one way so the MoBo doesn’t know if theres a Voicecard or not - and doesn’t care :wink:

Part 5 LED is a LED on the mobo, right?

Check the soldering of the 595, of all the 470 ohm resistors, and of this LED of course! Maybe it would be worth changing it…

update: C9 and C10 on voicecard were swapped. fixed. everything is fine.
funny thing: part5 LED stopped blinking and flashes occassionly (although it’s definitely not the right occassions for it to green-blinking me.
resoldered cursed LED. everything seems normal now. wooh)
big sorry for trouble. i definitely owe you a beverage:)
(now back to LCD resoldering…)

If you can… remove the plastic part and desolder pins separately

btw, feel free to delete this discussion… i’m sure no one here is THAT stupid as me. i doublechecked everything and still… cheers!:slight_smile:

don’t worry. We had way more stupid issues, bizarre use of language, total cluelessness, dear deadly injuries with Soldering Equipment and Product Managers here.
See here to relief your shame

@fcd72: I’ve been around to probably have made all those mistakes and then some. The trick is to hide your worst errors from public view. I never succeeded doing it, but one day I’ll be sneaky.

Plus, I’ve been working as a Product Manager too. Is all hope lost for me?

You don’t show the usual behavior of a product manager, obviously you must be really bad at your job :wink: