Voice card stacking

Hi guys,

After finishing my ambika, I have tried to stack voice cards to tune etc. I may be completely stupid, highly likely, but the arduino style stacking legs coming out of the mobo are facing down, like in the photo. The legs on the smr4 card are facing down too, but the photo shows for it to be stacked upside-down. When stacked this way, both sets of legs face each other! I have completed the mobo and all voice cards from the instructions.

It’s left me baffled, is one set of legss the wrong way up?

I have looked over photos repeatedly and seems I have done it right but something is obviously gravely wrong!

Any help would be great

Thank you kindly in advance

Does it look like that?

Darn. The ones on the mobo are the wrong way!

Learning experience :confused:

Thanks Olivier! Much appreciated man

Would it be terrible for me to cut down both and use a connector between?

Desoldering is certainly not my forte, after having to change the screen I think I have molested the board enough.

I was thinking to cut both sets of legs down and use a connector between? Unorthodox, but would there be any adverse effects?

Thank you

No adverse effect if you keep the connection short - to minimize the risks of noise pickup.

Sheer relief. Thanks bro :slight_smile: