just wondering if it would be possible, as there is an input on the shruthi, to enable vocoder capabilities?

Hell no!

Even if the audio input was digitized (OK, this is the case on the digital filter board), you’d need 5x or 6x the available CPU power to compute the required filter bank. And 2x or 3x the available CPU power to generate polyphonic oscillators (the vocoder applies the formants of the input voice to a rich often polyphonic audio signal). To get what? The same digital thing as any cheap VST…

And don’t even think of doing that in the analog domain:

my god, it’s beautiful!

We’re gonna need a bigger panavise.

I’m in love!

yeah, thats the late JH’s living vocoder… I priced one out at on point and just the high spec caps on that thing ran into the hundreds of dollars

I didn’t know the guy had died. I’ve been periodically checking the website for this project, and was wondering why there hadn’t been any progress for a while. I wonder if he ever managed to build a working prototype.


he had a working predecessor of this one. and this new project was actually just in beta test stage. next step would have been that he got feedback from the 10 builders and then maybe some minor changes in values here and there.

If anyone could’ve pulled it off it would’ve been Jürgen…