Vocals + Modular


Slightly OT, really, but this seems to be the closest match, topic-wise.

I’ve been writing snippets of lyrics for a few years, now, but haven’t yet had the confidence to attempt to sing them, and I’m not sure where to start, in terms of constructing a ‘song’ around any of them.

I wondered if anyone had any suggestions of artists/groups who combine sung or spoken-word vocals with modular synthesisers in interesting ways, that might inspire me, or at least give some pointers about some possible approaches.

I’ve always had a fascination with processed vocals, but, equally, if I were to do anything with my jottings, I’d obviously like the words to be comprehensible, so any examples you can think of of artists navigating the area between more-or-less conventional sung vocals and more extreme processing/sound-design would be really interesting.


Any more general tips re. making a transition from instrumental to more song-based production would be gratefully accepted, too.


Related: how are you pulling mic signals into your modular setup?


Hi @crid, thanks for getting back to me.

I haven’t got that far, but I have some options. I’ll most likely record vocals in my DAW, then either pipe them into the modular via my Expert Sleepers ES-8 (which I use plugged into my MOTU 828 via Toslink/ADAT optical), or I’ll stick then on a uSD card and play them back from the Disting Mk.4 or Radio Music.

I’m not confident singling “live” at the moment, so I’ll be comping multiple takes in the DAW, editing timings intonation etc.

I don’t currently have any line/mic-level input modules. I may consider getting one in the future, though.


Did you check out Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith?


So, not exactly lyrical, and you’re likely familiar, but the vocal/modular works of Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe are worth a look


I know the names, but I’m not familiar with their work. I will check them out, thank you, both!