Visualizing shruthi-1 sounds

beeing into the whole video thing recently, i could not resist getting a synchronator:
here is what shruthi-1 looks like
there are probably more interesting patterns one can get, but this is just the first attempt.

Interesting! Have you googled Lissajous images yet?

A very rich source of intricately moving results from two waveform inputs that you might be able to duplicate with your synchronator :slight_smile:


thanks yewtreemagic for the link.
not sure, if i can get something like this with synchronator, but i’ll read into that.
all it does is add sync pulses to the audio and adjust the level to make it a propper fbas signal. (with 3 inputs for RGB)

Ah, in that case probably not - you need X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) inputs in oscilloscope fashion to create Lissajous figures, but they do look wonderful when they move :slight_smile: