Visiting the LHC

I badly want to see the CMS…

Has anybody made the trip?

There’s a reservation page for individuals, but it does not include the underground part.

Anybody with the right connections that could help in organizing something? I could happily bribe with modules :slight_smile:

On the Group reservation page it says:
“Tours are organized from Monday to Saturday mornings and afternoons. Each tour lasts about 3 hours and comprises an introduction followed by a film, visits to experimental areas and/or to an accelerator. Please note that underground visits are not guaranteed. For safety reasons children under 13 years of age are not admitted.”

So as a group there seems to be a chance to go underground. I’d love to go there as well sometimes. But would have to think about especially travelling to go there, maybe combine it with something other interesting or nice?

Oh on another page it says this:

Why is the LHC not available to visit?
The LHC is now operational and no underground visits are authorised.

So for underground we’d have to wait until the next maintenance, when is that scheduled?

One of my colleagues is there on a regular base, it’s an awesome place for tech nerds !

pichenettes As I am the one living in Switzerland whichfcd72 very well knows :slight_smile: I could try to find more insider information. Let me check

is this some kind of hint at an upcoming new module?

something to do with quantum acoustics?

I actually had a prototype of probabilistic sequencer based on Hadamard gates. But it was weird!

Bad weird or good weird? Wonder if one couldn’t have some probablistic fun with someting like the good old Viterbi algorithm running an analysis of a given sequence?

I did visit their competitors (Fermilab), seeing all the hard stuff, but never managed to get to CERN, even though I’m in their pension fund …

Speaking of Hadamard gates and the like, may I recommend the "ANU quantum vacuum RNG" for anyone needing really cool random numbers? But I now wonder whether we might see a new MI module called Tangles, which you have to buy in pairs?