Virtualbox vagrant, ftdi device not present in /dev

Hi guys!
This is my first attempt to build a MI module from scratch and first smd module I soldered ever.
My problem is that I am using windows 8.1 machine and do not have a spare computer to get the proper linux mchine running. So I am using a virtualbox with the Oliver’s vagrant “mutable-dev-environment”. “vagrant up” worked well, I got the new virtual machine in virtualbox with all the packages installed. I also installed ftdi driver in Windows and it is idenfied correctly as USB COM3 serial device. In virtualbox settings in the vagrant virtual machine in USB sub-menu properties I have a FTDI serial adapter listed as well as a bunch of others, I assume that these settings were pre-defined in the file. According to Oliver’s manual I have to edit the and cutomize the PGM_SERIAL_PORT value to my current ftdi device name. But unfortunately ftdi device is not listed in the /dev. Should be something like “cu.usbserial-XXXX, right”? So I am stuck at this point.
Any help much appreciated.

In general questions about DIY builds of MI modules are discouraged here - there are other forums for such questions. However, your question falls into a grey area, because it about the vagrant “mutable-dev-environment”, which I suspect was intended to make firmware modification and hacking easier, rather than to assist with bootstrapping DIY builds of MI modules. I’ll wait for Olivier to indicate whether this topic is acceptable here before providing any advice, and I’d suggest others do likewise. My view is that the best course of action would be for you to take your question elsewhere, such as the Muffwigglers DIY forum.

As long as it’s not a “look at this picture of a fluxtastrophe, and tell me which 0605 Cap is in the wrong place” but actually a question that could benefit people who do firmware hacking on factory modules aswell, shouldt it be ok?

Also just for leaning about VMs and Vagrant in general.

Fluxtastrophe! Excellent!

Dunno, it’s a policy question for Sir Laurence.

BennelongBicyclist, hey man, you advised to ask this question on the muffwiggler forum which I actually did but didn’t get any response. Would anyone be so kind to help me get ftdi work through vagrant environment either here or on muffwiggler forum? I am going to upload parasites firmware and looks like I am not so much falling in this grey area, since I am not asking for help with the build itself rather than with stuff falling directly in the firmware hacking and uploading…

I haven’t seen any new thread in the DIY section on MW about virtual box, vagrant, FTDI etc.