Vince likes his Minibrute

Vince Clarke

I´m seriously considering a Minibrute as one more synth to have as well as a handy, compact Midi keyboard for stuff like MI shruthis.

Either this or a bigger midi keyboard (49 to 61 key) are within my budget.

I like keyboard synths, but on the other hand, having an Ambika would mean I would need more than 25 keys…

I’m considering a brute just to have a compact keyboard with CV/Gate in and out. The rest is just icing on the cake! Mmm, Steiner-Parker filter, yarr!

If I want to pretend I can play seriously I’ll just use my K5000s. Hard to beat.

I have one but it is still sitting in its box for about 3 months now ( This was time its delivered after waiting months even though I pre-ordered it ) due to my new born took all the priority.

I played 2-3 times and I assume it will have a good use with its CV/MIDI IN/OUTS once I will start with Modular Synths

i think i read somewhere that their cv out has a +1v offset for some reason.
so, if you want to use this for controlling your new m.i. modular synth, you might want to get an offset generator or, better yet, a cv tools.

This man is legend and now he plays DJ sets?
I mean,… WTF?

I also checked the Minibrute in the shop and I have to confess that i was NOT impressed. I think before ordering it you should try to check it for one hour in a shop.
I definitely prefer the Shruthi (of course I have to say something like this in this forum :wink: ).

I laid my paws on a MiniBrute at a friends place. You have to be very careful around the VCF controls and the brute factor, they are very drastic when you start to twiddle those controls.

Apart from that I like it :stuck_out_tongue: Have to see about the eenie meenie miney ms-20 before getting new kit though.

It is interesting reading comments on youtube about this and other new analogue synths. Comments like “how do you plug it into an iphone” make me reallise how much these things might teach people about synthesis. One thing I get from this demo is how Vince indicates how important the physical knobs and switches are. Playing my Shruthi and using a MIDI keyboard with knobs on really opens up the creative possibilities, moving knobs with your fingers is better than an LFO any day!

The Bass Station 2 looks like it will be a good rival when they sort out the firmware. Has plenty of knobs and quite a lot of routing possibilities for the modulation. Also has 2 filters including a diode ladder which sounds pretty acidy.

I have one-I would say the Anushri is a better all-rounder, but the Minibrute is certainly fun. The offset is an issue for using with some oscs-I’m planning on using it through myBubblesound LvL+RM to take care of that.

The Minibrute works especially well (I think) with the Anushri: one fun thing to do is to put the drum output through the Minibrute’s filter, which can be modulated as well of course.

Still need to play with the various CV ins and outs on both machines …

@gwaidan: interesting, what do you think the Anushri does better ?
On paper the Minibrute has more synthesis options: 2 envelopes, wave folder, supersaw…
I really liked my minibrute when I got it although haven’t used it that much lately.
I haven’t bought an Anushri yet though as I didn’t really feel like I needed it.