Video with Braids and Vectr

I made these videos with my new module using Braids. Truly epic sounds. This was my first opportunity to play with Braids and it just blew me away. What incredible sounds. I thought you guys might like to see them.

Here are the links:

same as above, for ease of viewing :slight_smile:

PS let’s see some WTBL or WT4X with V/Oct, Color, and Timbre controlled directly by Vectr! :slight_smile: I think all the modes, but especially the wavetable ones, could be awesome with 3D control like this.

I played with it for hours and hours, but there’s much more to discover. With these patches, I was looking for sounds that had very dramatic and obvious character with color and timbre sweeps, so my hand movements would clearly translate to the sonic output. I’m sure someone with longer experience with Braids will be able to make even more amazing stuff.

Vectr definitely looks fun, and I think a lot could be done with Braids (and anything). I hope to have a chance to try one out sometime.

I used a Kaoss mixer for a long time as my main processor, and this improves on that sort of control and takes it to an entirely new level, it seems!