Victory Candy

It tastes so good.


I am 6-8 voice cards away from my latest victory candy…

I made me “some” MI products. Wish I took moar pixx of the victory candy, but I eated it :frowning: I like both the Trolli stuff and the Haribo offerings. If I ever make something I will ship it with pulverpaddor :wink:

Uh oh, I ate the candy before I started my build… I’ve already screwed this project up :frowning:

@Fresh Pants 6-8? You’re making extra? Or do you have multiple Ambikas? I shouldn’t be too surprised, really. I have an Ambika from the Pioneer Run, fully-stuffed with 4P voice cards, and would have just finished two extra SVF ones, if I hadn’t missed the bastard 1uF film caps off my Mouser order :frowning:

Now I have to wait for them from Farnell before I can see how the new voices sound.


No sweat! Has happened to me a few times too :slight_smile: There were no ill effects, no beavers or gophers were harmed etc.


I have 6 SMR, 1 SVF and 1 4P voicecards to give myself some variety, but wanted to use the SMR as the main poly voice. I only finished the mobo last night. BTW, don’t solder your LCD in upside-down, it gets sort of tricky when de-soldering the 16pin 2x8 header. Guess I should post in the Mutablholics thread…

my ritual has always been candy first. works quite ok so far.

I always give the candy to the wife, then I can get the ‘green light’ for the next kit.