Very very new to hardware - what do i need?

i’ve ordered a shruthi and once it arrives - how do i hear/use it? everything i currently do is via software with midi controllers on my mac and i’m excited to dip my toes into hardware. do i need a mixer or audio interface?

thanks in advance!

you plug your Shruthi where you plug your Mac?

if you´re planning on using headphones straight out of your Shruthi, I recommend an audio out attenuation because Shruthis come out super hot.

Playing it will require a Din-midi controller or usb-midi interface cable, unless you want to play it droning straight from the buttons

You’ll need a midi interface and a sound card with 1/4 inputs or a mixer. Headphones or speakers might be nice too :smiley:

@herrprof - thanks, that’s what i figured!

have the headphones down pat - just wanted to make sure i didn’t need to amp it and the midi interface would be all i’d need. :smiley:

You don’t strictly need an external audio interface. The mac has one. Of course you get better quality with one. But you can just run the Shruthi into the mac.

Also desk/shelf/cupboard space for when hardware inevitably takes over your life. :slight_smile:

@bendy_john - thanks, just go into the 3.5mm mic input?

@elthorno - hahaha, it already is. i have several little noise boxes that i’ve been playing with but now have decided to try and produce something with them and the shruthi is my attempt to get something richer behind it. :slight_smile:

yes - just straight in and select “internal input” in your DAW or Mac audio settings

the el cheapo options for MIDI interface are these bad boys link they’re all pretty crap so don’t pay more than about $5, but usually work ok

plus you don’t need a field recorder (smartphone)
or a microphone for vocals (macbook has an actual microphone too - think of Skype calls etc)
imho until you have a couple of bits of kit to play with just ignore everything you read about audio quality. two synths or a synth & a drum machine is more fun than one synth and a lossless audio path :slight_smile:

The Behringer UMC204 and 404 are great value and give you MIDI out and audio in.

bendy_john: have you ever tried the Shruthi straight to a line input? It seems to me that the signal levels would be too high.

@pichenettes I’ve tried that and depending on the headroom of the device you’re plugged in, you can indeed easily run into clipping.

hmmm…thanks for all of the comments everyone - thinking i’m going to go with the focusrite scarlett 6i6 since it’ll give me the midi i’ll eventually want and handle the interfacing.

edit: strike that, just grabbed an n-i komplete audio 6 from amazon warehouse. :slight_smile: