[Very OT] Typeface choices

Is there a description of the typefaces and colors used by the MI panels somewhere? I’ve been to lazy to download the front panel .ai files from the repo to check them. I was thinking of cooking up something behind a panel that matches the MI modules, but I guess I could always make some guesses if this is not kosher.

Here’s that petite down under woman celebrating typefaces with the always dope DJ Towa Tei:


The .ai files probably wouldn’t have helped much as the type has all been translated to vectors :slight_smile:

The two colors are Pantone 215C and Pantone 327C.

Ah :slight_smile: Thanks for that!

I suspected that the .ai files had embedded fonts :slight_smile: FF DIN, hmm. Better fire up that Illustrator app and get cracking.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DIN_1451#External_links for free alternatives. The FontFont versions are vastly superior though.

I think in the wiki or at github there is a ZIP Archive with instructions about the whole mi ci. With instructions about colors, fonts and Logos and even some vectors of paiseleys and stuff.

I’ve seen the logos, didn’t know about any zip with the whole recipe on the MI graphical profile. I just wanted to make some matching things for my own lewd perverted pleasures :wink:

I’ve got the zip with the MI styleguide and graphics… I think it was posted on the forum. It’s to big to attach i could mail it.

Oh i found it…

Dank je wel!