Very few new modules are left in stock

I’d recommend getting it now wherever you can find it, there are only 60 Ripples to finish (and they are all for Modular Square).

wallet abuse intensifies

…looking from the balcony…

awaiting another Ripples (mk1) and OG Veils, also copped a 250€ Mantis (yes, with Decksaver and jungle bag included)

this is happening right now and I know that it’s just a plaits that’s missing for me… :nerd_face: a module I’ve seen nearly everytime i was on marketplaces etc….should get it soonish

my system is so so crazy inspiring with 6 Filters (4 Ripples / blades) and 2 clouds :dagger:

somehow I’ve ordered Befaco knob trimmers, set them all up and all what is left are 7 trimmers :smiling_face_with_tear:

(4x Og Veils / 3xPlaits)

say no more :closed_lock_with_key:

It’s been a wild ride! Hope everyone manages to get a hold of what they’re interested in. :sparkling_heart:

I’ll launch in a couple of weeks an online store with whatever is left (NOS modules, used modules, test equipment, music/audio gear).


Oh my…

Is this really the end? :frowning:

Not to get materialistic or anything, but I think it’d be much more convenient if the shop was launched closer to Christmas…
I mean, obviously you’ll launch it whenever works best for you, just throwing it out there since you’re here amongst us.

For you, not for me! :rofl:

This would mean starting a whole new fiscal year for just a few thousand euros worth of sales. Insane.


Yes, true, guilty as charged. Was worth a shot anyway.

Will you be shipping to the UK :crossed_fingers:

Only EU.


What about Norway? :face_holding_back_tears: We’re not all the way in the EU but part of the EEA which as far as I know means we are part of the EU single market :thinking::crossed_fingers:

I’ll ask my accountant.

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Umm. Not sure if this the right place to ask, so apologies if not. Will there be any spare printed manuals made available in the “garage sale”? My cat happily destroyed my Marbles manual some time ago and although I have the PDF a new manual would be a lovely thing to have, again. (Edit: Actually, forget that. Just seen that EU no UK, and thinking about it the logistics of sorting this out just to post one piece of paper is a bit silly. Thanks.)

I was wondering the same thing today. I also have a missing manual.

It would be awesome to be able to get a chance to replace front panels for modules. I could not find a Peaks module for a long time, so I ended up making one myself with a Grayscale panel (learned how to flash an STM32 board for the first time), and it would be nice if it could match my other MI modules. I eventually found an OG Peaks to go with it. But it would also be nice to have a spare if a panel gets damaged. If they do end up at Thonk, maybe they could rate limit the number of panels per order to make it harder for someone nefarious trying to bootleg a bunch of them.

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