Velocity remapping?

Could the MIDIpal be coded to do velocity remapping? Every controller has it’s own, and sometimes odd, velocity curve selection, or worse, no selection. I just bought an Alesis controller with less than ideal, for me, velocity curves, to downright bizarre curves. I would love to be able to take the linear mapping in the Alesis and remap it into what I want, and not let Alesis, or any other keyboard in my collection, dictate that velocity curve for me. Crazy idea? :slight_smile:

Could be your starter project to get into the MIDIpal codebase :slight_smile: Very easy to do! There is only one handler to implement, the one for NoteOn messages.

Yeah, I suppose I could do that. :slight_smile: I know what I want, maybe just a setting for min and max velocity, and a curve type to interpolate between min and max, pretty simple remapping you would think, I think that would get me where I want to go.