Veils v2 Mod

Modded my Veils this morning so that the inputs normalize to a constant positive.

Basically I just tied the in norm tabs to the cv norm tabs. Of course this involved ungrounding the in norms and replacing a capacitor I accidentally knocked off during that process :cry: but now it works great!

I’ve got a small rig and am often reaching for a simple voltage. I have a shades but hacked two of those inputs for a Touché style controller on my case. I also have an Intellijel Duatt, but hacked that too for something else, I guess this new mod makes up for those losses.


A small tip if you ever need positive voltage: Don’t forget stages which can output a simple similar voltage with added slew if you want it. The mod looks great by the way :wink:

True, my stages usually get used up pretty quick though :wink:

I wouldn’t recommend it as is.

You’re sourcing 4 x 10 / 50k = 0.8 extra mA from the 10V Vref.

The current limiting resistor of the Vref has been chosen so that the Vref can source at most 2.4mA, 1.5mA being used by the existing circuitry. What this means is that if your supply rails are lower than 12V, your 10V reference voltage won’t be stable, and you’ll start having some of the PSU noise bleeding into the entire circuit (offset and CV input normalization).

Replace R69 by a smaller resistor to avoid that. 330 would be a safer choice.


Thanks for the heads up and everything else you do :pray: