Veils question

Is it normal behavior for Veils to be noisey in the last ten percent of it’s range when set to an exponential curve? Even when nothing is plugged in?




Without being responsible and checking the manual I do feel like it’s at least 36-40 db of gain at that setting, and remember this is analogue. Doesn’t surprise me at all, I will check mine when I get my case set back up.

Might be that you just hear your system’s ground floor (which propagates through the ground bus and hence is also there if you do not patch anything). Depending on the type of PSU and power distribution, and what kind of modules you have in the system that can be lower or higher. With 40dB of amplification that can get quite audible.

I think that must be it. I must admit it’s not impacting its usefulness as a VCA.

Totally normal, happens with any vca with sufficient gain.
No system is truly noise free.

Actually, sometimes I deliberately do bad gain staging ( e.g. I attenuate a signal from a synth voice, then amplify it again), then feed that into Streams in compressor mode. This really pushes up the noise floor. It can be a great effect on arpeggios and pad sounds - when the note stops you can hear how the compressor brings up the gain again and your sound is followed by a tail of hiss. And once the sound comes back again, it ducks away the noise. You can also put a VCA with a very-long-release ADSR after the compressor to make the noise slowly fade out so that the hiss is only audible for a certain period after the actual sound stopped.


Yep thats awesome for lofi type stuff.
Also quite cool when fed into rings, can sound like brass with a slow attack!

As I always said: no need for noise modules, we have a PSU for that! :smiley:


Im going to quote you on that :stuck_out_tongue: