Veils led intensity slighty varies


Is it normal / acceptable, that Veils led colour intesity varies when all channels are getting the same negative voltage offset from maths?

Green leds seems to be the same, but red ones seem to vary slighty:
Maths channel 3 at around 11:55 o’clock - Veils channel 2 is slighty dimmer than 1 and 4, 3 barely seems to be lit at all,

Maths channel 3 at around 11:00 o’clock - No noticable difference between channels 1,2 and 4, but 3 is noticably dimmer.

Maths channel 3 at 10 o¨clock is the point where there is no difference.

Issue is visible with lower level audio signal (or the veils channel 1 turned to around 9 o’clock) as well.


Yes, there can be up to a hundred mV of DC offset at the output of the VCA, and since the channels are chained, these can add up (or cancel each other).

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Alright nice! Thanks for reply :slight_smile:.