Veils issue?

Has anyone experience Veils as passing a signal through and then nothing? I mean, nothing else goes through despite constant triggers.I have to wait a good 10 sec. before it’ll pass anything through again.

What do you mean by trigges?
Veils need a CV, from a EG or a LFO for example. If you just try with triggers, you will only get very short bursts of sound.

waredgo: Could you post exactly what you have connected to veils? Tell us your setup and tell us what you expect to happen and what happens instead.

It’s not an issue, the patch was this:

CV from Beatstep -> Braids CV input
GATE from Beatstep -> Envelope generator
Braids audio output -> Veils input
Envelope output -> Veils CV input

And signal listened on Veils CV output.

But if you are using Braids’ physical models like BELL, you also need a trigger to Braids.