Veils hardware design?


I’m curious to have a look at the Veils hardware design, which the module page says is open source. I don’t see anything related to veils in the eurorack repository however. Where might I find it?

The files always lag the release of the module, I believe they’re released after Olivier has recouped his development costs.

I publish the source only once the development costs are paid back, usually when the second batch is sold… next week!


Gratitude as always!

Thanks Olivier! And, interesting. I figured there would be one v2164 to handle the 4 outputs, but didn’t think there would be two. Cool! Just because I love to learn: Is one of the v2164 for the gain CV in (J3, etc.), and one for the outputs?

Great design as always, thanks again!

You need two V2164 cells per channel if you want more than the built-in exponential response. Explanation here. Actually, Veils and Streams both use a variation of this circuit that allows continuously variable exponential to linear response.