Veils - Gain CV input

Im fairly new to the modular world. Can someone explain the inputs purpose and how it could e utilized?

Sure! In essence, this input can allow a control voltage (cv) to turn the gain knob for you. You might use an envelope, triggered elsewhere, to open the vca, which would allow audio from a sound source through. Or you might be using your vca channel to attenuate another control voltage, and you could use still another control voltage to control the amount of attenuation. I hope that makes sense, and if not I hope it might after some experimentation. I’m certainly still learning myself, so another poster might be able to explain it more clearly. I find my veils to be very handy, and I probably under-utilize it.
Hope this helps!

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that definitely helps! thanks so much

the VCA is one of the most essential building blocks in modular (and synths in general) and it’s actual power comes from the CV control.
In a traditional keyboard synth the basic application of a VCA is to modulate the gain with an envelope, I’m sure you know that. In modulars the applications are potentially far more varied and complex. So experiment with it!

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