Veils 2020

Got it, more like they are modules in the pipeline.

I just wanted to say how true this is, and I have often wished the big and small knobs were switched with the mixer/vca module I use.

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I did the same :smiley:

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Neat module and good timing: I thought I’d have to get a Quad VCA from Intellijel, now I ordered a Veils :slight_smile:

Def one of the next modules I’ll be picking up. The 2HP reduction in size made it perfect for the eurorack I am building to complement my semi-modular synths. It will be a welcome addition to Branches and Shades.

Also, now that things seem to have gotten a little back to normal for you, can I make a request to get some MI stickers now? Looking to adorn my laptop and several cases :slight_smile:

Just picked one of these up and love the new layout, especially right next to Stages!

Question about the LEDs on the sliders: the manual says the brightness is proportional to the VCA gain on a dB scale, but so far I’m really only experiencing binary on/off. Feeding it a slow sine LFO, I can see a very brief fade in/out when the LFO approaches a zero crossing, but mostly it’s either on off. Is this expected/intended?

If the VCA response is set to linear, what you describe is the expected behavior of a LED representing the gain on a dB scale.

As a rule of thumb, to convert LED intensity into gain:
100% intensity: gain of 1
80% intensity: gain of 0.1
60% intensity: gain of 0.01
40% intensity: gain of 0.001
20% intensity: gain of 0.0001
0% intensity: gain of 0.00001

With a linear response, your sine wave will very quickly cross the 0.0001, 0.001 and 0.1 increments, and will spend most of its course between 0.1 and 1, the LED brightness will mostly be between 80% and 100%.

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Ah, I see now. Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:

Hey! I was wondering: this offset knob, does it act before or after the cv fader?


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Veils seems to be out of stock everywhere in the USA.

Do you have an estimate when stores will have it in stock again?

March or April.

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Looking forward to ordering one!

I love my Veils and often simply use it as a mixer because the sliders are just so practical.

I was wondering why the CV inputs are not normaled, as are the the outputs. It would be practical for, say, a quadrophonic setup to just insert one envelope into channel 1 which will then affect all four at once when the respective CV sliders are up.

Because the unpatched CV inputs are already receiving a constant voltage (8V). This is what allows you to use the sliders to control the channel’s level (and the module to behave approximately like a mixer) when nothing is patched in a CV input.

While I like using the sliders for mixing it can also be done with the offset knobs.

When the CV inputs are unpatched and the sliders are all the way up the offset knobs have no additional function and vice versa.
So it would have been great to have normalled CV inputs and 8V only on the offset knobs.

But I‘m surely missing something, seeing as you always think about all the details. :slight_smile:

I think the design would then be functionally similar to the Intellijel quad VCA.

Maybe it would work for you, but personally, I wouldn’t have fun with all the support requests from people telling me nothing happens when they adjust the “volume sliders”. The form factor of the module, which resembles a mixer, suggests a strong purpose for the sliders, and I don’t think it is good design to use them for another function.

But then, it’s only a few traces to cut and 3 wires to solder to mod your module!

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It certainly makes sense from a UI perspective. Sliders invite to mix!
And I am sure that your understanding of the behavior and wishes of modular users is quite thorough after so many years of having dealt with requests, ideas and complaints.

Thank you for clearing up the thinking behind this design decision!

Desperate to get my hands on one of these… Still not in stock anywhere.

March or April still valid to reach dealers?

No. If I had a reliable ETA, I would give it to you!