Veils 2020

Just noticed!


A great, clean re-take. Well done!

I hate that this is a reality in Eurorack, but I’m grabbing this and retiring Blinds to unlock 2 HP that I desperately need. :upside_down_face:

That’s a shame :frowning: I love blinds and veils but use them for completely different roles…

Mini FAQ:

Q: 10-HP Blinds with a similar layout?
A: Nope, it’s too difficult to accurately find the medium position (which would silence Blinds’ bipolar VCA) with a slider.

Q: Remaining releases?
A: Two, which have new, unique names (these are not “upgrades” sharing the same name as the module they replace).

Q: Why CV amount on the slider and offset on the small pot, rather than the opposite?
A: It’s true that it’s breaking the normal hierarchy set by the other modules (large control = offset, small pot = CV amount). But gain is often a chain of multiplications more than a chain of additions. For example, if you patch 4 sound sources and 4 envelopes or LFOs, and you want to adjust the relative levels of these 4 sources, it’s more straightforward for this adjustment to be done with the sliders than with the pots.


With retiring I mean “moving it to another case”. I have other four-quadrant multipliers but I’m severely lacking regular VCAs so I’ve used Blinds for that a lot :slight_smile:

Ah, so what you meant was “gone to a better place” :slight_smile:

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Jeez. I really don’t need any more VCA’s this is such a cutie that I just had to buy one anyway. It’s basically an illness.

I’ve always half fancied a Veils but I’m usually far more of a bipolar person than envelopes so never bothered but the addition of offset is just another beautiful, practical idea that makes patching the special thing that it is.

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Such a clever refinement/upgrade to the original module. I really appreciate the additional offsets.
Congrats Emilie !!!

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Lovely revision!

Are there any tonal differences between Veils and Intellijel’s quad VCA in terms of how they handle audio? (Edit: things like clipping behavior and distortion)

If you send me a link to the schematics of the Intellijel quad, I could tell you :rofl:

More seriously, both are based on the 2164 with Irwin’s linearization, and I doubt it would make sense in such a product to add soft-clipping diodes, so I don’t think there is any difference.


Haha, I bet you could!

Much appreciated. I have seen various comments in forums praising Veils’ distortion so it had me wondering. I’m still tempted to switch due to the layout of having jacks at the bottom and those lovely sliders.

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I traded my Veils with a forum member for their Blinds, which very nicely met both of our needs at the time. I will say, though, that I do sometimes wish for another Veils! The gain/distortion is indeed lovely!

I can second this. When I had my modular, the Veils was often used as a percussion mixer, driving a bit.

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Sold my old Veils and bought the 2020 version, very nice update.

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Remaining in 2020?

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In the Mutable Instruments’ timeline. Planned in 2020, though I’m not sure what kind of production capacity there’ll be left at the factory in the remaining 2 months.


Got it, more like they are modules in the pipeline.

I just wanted to say how true this is, and I have often wished the big and small knobs were switched with the mixer/vca module I use.

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I did the same :smiley:

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Neat module and good timing: I thought I’d have to get a Quad VCA from Intellijel, now I ordered a Veils :slight_smile:

Def one of the next modules I’ll be picking up. The 2HP reduction in size made it perfect for the eurorack I am building to complement my semi-modular synths. It will be a welcome addition to Branches and Shades.

Also, now that things seem to have gotten a little back to normal for you, can I make a request to get some MI stickers now? Looking to adorn my laptop and several cases :slight_smile: