VCV and moral conflict


I bought Elements\Rings\Tides only because I had a chance to play with them on my computer. Had a 9U rack before VCV and for some reason didn’t consider buying these modules…

Seems like a GREAT way for people to test drive modules and eventually buy if they like them.


Not sure when I’ll get around to porting the analog modules (I use that term for analog hardware as well as digital).

I’ve written the 4-ladder OTA filter DSP before, so I’m somewhat familiar with Ripples’ topology, and an afternoon is a reasonable estimate. If you like the Befaco Rampage port in VCV, that also took me an afternoon. For the other Mutable analog modules, I’d need to either buy or borrow them, and learn how to use them since I’m not familiar with Shelves and Streams. I can’t say when I’ll have a free day though. My work load is endless right now with Rack dev.

I also need to clean up the graphics a bit and fix some details in the alternative modes. Still a work in progress!