VCO Tuner app

Hey y’all,

I’ve posted this on Muff’s a few days back but I thought I’d leave a hint here as well.

I wrote a simple (and still a little whacky) tool to make tuning of VCOs and VCFs easier.
Here’s a video about it:

It’s open source and runs on Mac, Windows and Linux!
Here’s the download for the latest version !

Just for fun, I measured one of my Shruthis and its (of course) super well tuned :wink: Though I have to admit, I’m surprised how little error there is in the upper octaves (where the accumulator’s bit-width should be noticable the most). Interestingly I did two different measurements and both have large errors in the low octaves. One has especially large errors in the notes 27 and 30 (both are off-chart and were ~1/2 semitone! I wonder if that has to do with carrier bleed? Maybe…
Here’s the one with the larger errors:

And this one is a bit better:

Anyways, I’d love to hear your feedback on this and I hope you find it useful.

This is an excellent idea, i wish i had this before. Tuning VCOs over 8-10 octaves the hard way is really awkward.

The phase accumulator bit width limitation comes into play at low frequencies (the phase increment, which is equal to the note frequency divided by the sample rate, is low).

Oops, you are right. I was thinking the same but I came to the wrong conclusion.

nice idea,thanks : )

Neat! :slight_smile:

Thanks TheSlowGrowth - very handy utility