VCF Mod Switch Problem (Solved)


As it may take more troubleshooting than I though I wanted move my dicussion here.

I was browsing through topics and I saw that

I set my anushri’s button and switches exactly like the photo in first post where it is described and confirmed as “bare sound” but I got really filtered sound barely hearable unless if I switch VCF Mod switch to down where it says HP filter.

I assume something is wrong like switch is doing opposite what it is supposed to be doing.

@MicMicMan suggested that I check soldering around the switch or connection between two boards. He suggested that I cleand connection headers with a toothbrush ( which I will do tonight )

This also leads me to question whether there are other problems that I could not see it yet.

Is there any procedure I can conduct on the assembled unit to check all pots and switches are doing what they are supposed to be doing ? ( do not have an oscilloscopes)
Is “Bare Sound” describe in the other post good starting point ? or any other patch ?

I decoupled two boards and used the tootbrush to clean connectors
I went through all the ICs placed them tightly in to their sockets
I used solder wick to clean two legs of VCF Mod Switch which did not look O.K. to me. and resoldered them.

Now everything work as expected :slight_smile:

Thanks @MicMicMan