I would like to know :

  • what’s exactly transmitted via this output ? ( i think it concerns ENV VCF, LFO VCF and i hope tracking filter).
  • Can i solder a minijack on it to control another filter.
  • if someone can help me to design an semi-modular anushri with two filters serie/parallel with mixer when filters work in parallel.

I already have an idea or shematic but i think i’am not able to choose the right components.

I’ve got a Doepfer A-103 filter with a low price.

This is the sum of everything that influences the filter minus the VCF frequency knob. In other words, everything that is under control of the digital brain: VCF envelope, LFO envelope, VCF control CC, and keytracking. It has a 0.5V/Oct scaling.

The CV inputs if A-103 need 1V/ oct scaling. What can i do to anushri and A-103 work together?

I’m beginner in electronics

Use a module which can provide some gain (at worst: send the signal to two channels of a mixer)?

Also is accurate 1V/Oct scaling for a filter something important in a modular setup?

Thanks Pichenettes

I can’t answer your questions…:slight_smile:
Maybe Doepfer filter will not react like the anushri filter when i will play with anushri’s filter mode.
I want to say it will open less.

Filter mods, not mode.
That’s not easy to post a message with à smartphone

The scaling is rather pointless unless you want to react both filters exactly the same…. which isn’t a very modular way to look at things - you have 2 Filters because they are different :wink:

Hmmm I see - so you want to use both filters at the same time… Then you’ll need to patch Anushri’s VCF CV output to two CV inputs of the A-103 at the same time, and it’ll work.

Thanks guys

Fcd72, you’re right ! I want A-103 applies accents when i play anushri’s sequencer. I will buy envelope generator and LFO later.

Pichenettes, i would like to use filters together, or each one alone.