VCA for VCF recommendations please

I’m looking for recommendations for VCA chips that I can try out various VCF topologies with. The 2164 would be ideal, but unfortunately I’m in the UK so sourcing ones that aren’t Chinese ebay knockoffs or cripplingly expensive is proving difficult (bearing in mind that I’m probably going to fry at least one before I get anything worthwhile done…)

I’m pretty fluent in LM13700, but they’re a bit noisy for what I have in mind and ideally I’d like a log response built in. I’m vaguely fluent in some of THAT Corp’s chips, but they’re designed to be stuck in front of a virtual earth, so each VCA + opamp stage is non-inverting, which is a bit of a ballache.

So, does anybody have any recommendations for low noise (low noise is more important than THD in my app), log response VCAs that are gettable in the EU? Or will I have to bite the bullet and order some V2164s from Small Bear?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Widespread chips:

  • LM13700
  • V2164s
  • Anything else (including THAT)

If the V2164 is too obscure for you, go discrete or use a LM13700.

The only way to fry a V2164 is to disconnect the negative rail - this is an easy thing to avoid.

i need to order from small bear before end of this week. i need some 2164 again and some other small parts.
if you like or need to bite the bullet we can possibly get the price a bit lower and share shipping.

newtone in Holland sells them too.

Thanks for the swift replies forum chums!

@ shiftr: the newtone link looks promising - a Dutch gal runs my Dad’s local pub, so she’ll be able to help if g**gle translate can’t.

@ rosch: thanks for the offer, I’ll see if the newtone link pans out before the end of the week (tomorrow!)

Thanks again.

BTW, rosch is obviously a 909 expert frying chips due to disconnected rails . . . . . :wink:

no comment

Ill send you some sockets; DIL-13 alike

Great Zot! This is immeasureably harder than I thought (>130dB harder…)

I managed to negotiate my way through the newstone site (despite g**gle translate sending me back to the signin / register page every time it could). I managed to order some stuff, check my details, confirm shipping and whatnot. Then it said “thanks for your order” (in Dutch, obviously) without actually giving me the option to pay. And then it emptied my shopping cart.

[The sound of one hour’s worth of incandescent rage]*

*(not nice analogue pink noise rage, but 4bit digital screams being modulated by 50Hz mains hum through a broken ringmod).

Not happy, not happy at all. Am trying again. :slight_smile:

Regarding previous post:

I’ve had another go at ordering and it would appear that international orders are only furnished if payment is by carrier pigeon or via surrender of first born male child. Paypal, Visa, Mastercard etc need not apply.

No wonder they have 2164s in stock. I bet they’ve never actually sold any stock at all.

Good grief…

Update #27

Am going to my bank tomorrow with email invoice to arrange bank payment (a whole fifteen euro). I hope there isn’t a surcharge.


Will keep you posted as to developments in high level European trade in the 21st century.

Let me know how it goes and if i can be of any help. The shop is mainly for diy guitar effects so its a bit old fashioned for guitar people.

I ordered from Mammoth Electronics and my V2164s turned up in less than two weeks to the UK - bloody cheap too - 2.80 USD each 1.04USD p+p and that was with Christmas post.
Sorry I have no spares, my last one went to Germany today.

gritz, give me a shout if you’re desperate for 2164s UK-side - I’ve got spare and can pop one or two in the mail tomorrow if you want. Anyone who uses the phrase “Great Zot” deserves that sort of recognition.

@BorbaTheGeek :wink: