VC Firmware going bad?

I have an Ambika back which had a dead voice. There was nothing wrong with the card other than the firmware was blank (no lights) but the bootloader seems in place since I can flash the voicecard firmware from the SD card and it works fine. This isnt the first time I have seen this happen. One other thing was that the SD card in this device was not functioning occasionally (bad reads), replacing with another card fix it. Dont know if that is relevant or not…

Have had issues with voice cards giving blinky lights as a result of data corruption from cards not being screwed down and mezzanine connectors being disturbed while power is on, but not firmware being wiped altogether. Attempted firmware upgrade gone wrong?

I’ve had problems like this on other platforms with bootleg cards. Try another one?

another card fixed the patches loading but the firmware thing has me scratching my head though. No update was attempted. The board was originally flashed with a programmer using the same FW and procedure that I have used on dozens of builds. I’ve had a new card in and have been power cycling it without issue, I guess the next step is to use the old card and see if I can get it to crap out again…

Is it worth just sticking a new ATmega on the board?

If it does it again I’ll consider it but it would be a first after building 20 of them

I know that stuff is very reliable these days, but it’s not impossible for a bad chip to exist.