Varthdader's Ambika build

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YO varthdater - your wish is my bidding master, drop me a line about the Backpanel with the switch…

Hey fcd72 PM´d ya on the subject!

@Varthdader You left the protective foil on the display!

No, he didnt. These are reflections…

So those are not air bubbles on the black LCD frame, on the short ends? Let’s hear what he says!

Oops, i misunderstood and thought to read protection foil on the plexi. So you’re right, the foil on the LCD is still on.

Very nice, I’m still waiting the components to arrive… Soap opera revisited…

varthdader, did you clean you PCB’s? I use rosin core solder and tend to left all the residual flux on the joints, I use a toothbrush only to scrape the blobs of flux, but the layer on the joints I leave it there…

Someone told me we must clean everything with isopropyl alcohol, to prevent long term corrosion… On the other hand, there’s people saying that this layer actually protects the joints

I have over 25 years old PCBs here that i solderd back then working100% - so no technical need to clean PCBs i guess.

Never did, too. Must be something between urban myth and vodoo…

Yups. Dont forget to feed your Chupacabra and use one decoupling cap per power pin at ICs…

So yes, the LCD´s foil is still on!

If you notice, I have nuts on the top plexi panel, and I still have to replace my spacers for female-female.

I could leave the nuts there but I like the hex domed screws I bought.

I have a thing for protective foils I guess, I sorta leave them on till the last minute just in case. You don´t really notice it when Ambika is on.

I have ordered a back panel with a switch since I loved it on my Anushri.

Another cool thing I would love to see on future Ambika firware builds is the MI welcome screen when turning on my Shruthi. I think that it gives the product a much “polished” image.

As for PCB cleaning, I have cleaned my previous builds, but I tried Windex and a hard plastic brush similar to a big toothbrush. Windex has isopropil alcohol as main ingredient. I hardly saw any difference after much rubbing, just a lot of foaming. I dried everything with a can of compressed air. I did scrape the most obvious fluxes around solder with a sharpened bamboo chopstick and worked wonders!

I would love to have squeaky clean boards. I will buy plain Isopropil alcohol and see how it goes, I will re-assemble Ambika before installing the new back panel and removing the lcd foil!

Does the Isopropil alcohol do anything to the boards´printing? I wouldn´t want to damage anything!

Regular (non poisoned) alcohol will make the printing blurry at first. Then you’ll get a double image effect, and finally, you’ll be looking up at the Ambika from the floor. The ceiling will be spinning too.

Can’t say anything about the printing, but IPA didn’t really clean up my anushri boards, it just spread the residue around all over the board, so that the entire board now looks matte, and is slightly sticky… :frowning:
Haven’t tried propyl alcohol yet, too lazy to test it :confused:

V`cent are you sure you don´t need more IPA?
If it dissolved the flux to make the whole board sticky, it seems that more IPA will do the job?
I´m playing by ear though.

As far as my Ambika, since the boards are dark, I noticed that flux is much less visible, with the only thing bothering me being that some areas seem smudged, or flat while other areas are pristine and shiny. Since my case is clear, sometimes it seems like the case itself is dirty.

It reminds me of my watchmaking days, because you need to have really clean and dust-free boards before encasing them in crystal!

I tried almost pouring IPA over the board, it didn’t help… The entire side of the board now looks dull (even the soldered connections)… I don’t really mind, since it’s the middle part of the Anushri (the part that you will never see), but it’s still a bit annoying… gotta work on my technique for when the next shruthi needs to be built :slight_smile:

My Ambika now has a power switch!
I replaced my back panel with one provided by Fcd72.

Desoldered the power switch jumper and put a little cable between switch and board. I tried to be as neat as possible because I didn´t want to ruin the clean look.

Next stop is filling in the graphics with paint and some custom knobs I am waiting to receive!

had to read back through to find out why you were pouring my favourite beverage over your boards :slight_smile:

It´s because that´s how legends are born!