Various SMR-4 Soundtracks

I’ve been developing my understanding of how to play these intruments for the past ten months and have begun to show some signs of progress.

The following videos with accompanying “musical” soundtracks use a Shruthi-1 SMR-4, MIDIpal, Korg Monotribe and Monotron Delay plus MXR Phase 90 ('74 Vintage) and Carbon Copy pedals.

Good, bad or just plain ugly? Give each one a listen and decide!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

I really love those retro sci-fi vibes!

Very atmospheric Jon, and just the right amount of performance changes and movement to hold the interest in a hypnotic way
My favourite is UFO Canyon Psychic Encounter

Actually Video 2 reminds me that I had a UFO encounter of a similar kind a couple of weeks ago here in Cornwall that looked very similar, except that after staring entranced at this steadily moving light for a couple of lights another one came into sight following the first. Living two miles from the coast we get plenty of rescue helicopters flying overhead, but although these may have downward searchlights for spotting survivors in the sea, they also have small flashing lights on their tails (as aircraft do on each wing).

What I saw was an absolutely steady light source that looked rather like a moving star with a apparent visible diameter similar to that of Venus followed by another one that remained in sight for three or four minutes in total. It wasn’t a flickering chinese lantern or the occasional fire burst of a hot air balloon, and I could hear nothing (no rotating helicopter blades, no jet or propeller engine noise). Spooky!


Thanks for the feedback and the musical inspiration, RF and Martin. You guys rock :slight_smile:

I liked listening to those when I was tidying my electronic stuff (so many mouser / farnell / reichelt cardboard boxes…), but I wish it was a bit more structured into actual tunes. As Martin said, just the right amount of live tweaking, which is not easy to balance.