Various discussions about the end of Mutable Instruments (aka "shutting down of production" according to the Santa's workshop model of music instruments manufacturing)

Oh no, this is very sad but I wish you all the best.
Will this website survive as an archive? There is quite the wealth of information, even about the already long discontinued DIY synths.


So happy to watch your journey, been a user of your wares since bhajis, wishing you the best of luck and keep enjoying the ride.

Very sad to hear this. What a legacy you have left in the world of Modular and music production. There is always a place for you in our hearts!! I look forward to the joy I will have using these beautiful modules for the years to come! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Sorry to hear this news and i wish ypu well for the future. If you’re not sticking around in the synth world, I’m sure whatever field you turn your hand to, you will make a massive noise :grin:

@pichenettes : I am so grateful for and appreciative of your contributions to synthesis. My rack is dominated by Mutable modules and each one speaks to me personally and brings me pure joy.

Thanks for everything you’ve done and wishing all the best for you in the future.

– chanthing

One of my very first modules was Yarns. At the the time it was my only oscillator and my first sequencer! Now my rack is now brimming with MI modules.

Sad to see the end of Mutable Instruments products.

I’m appreciative that you’ve released your work as open source so the designs can live on for future generations of synthesists.

Has there been any consideration given to licensing your designs to another manufacturer? That way we can continue to get official factory built modules, and you could earn some passive income.

This is not something I am interested in. If it’s made somewhere else, without my support and involvement, it’s no different than a clone, then let it be a clone!

“passive” is a very idealistic view of the process, that kind of “income” is not needed.


@pichenettes Any thoughts on the future of the website? I notice you have made my post the first post in the split topic but with no apparent reply? I’m just worried about all this info disappearing if you no longer have the business to justify keeping the site open.

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I don’t have any thoughts on this at the moment. It’s not like I am going to shut down everything tomorrow, and I would prefer spending my time on a couple of last firmware updates, and of course handling the production and delivery of the modules still in production.

People talk a lot about organic growth, and so many things at Mutable Instruments evolved very gradually, as they became necessary. Let’s try organic degrowth.


@pichenettes Thanks for all the hard work. You must think about your health and joy in life. But i will do a small prediction. Pichenettes is going in retreat, chant mantra’s for months and will return as an specialist consultant for some company. Finally getting paid some money. Might even start a blog.

It’s time to breath out and let new energy flow back in.

I wish you peace my brother.

I can already tell you that you are wrong on:

  • “Chanting mantras” (seriously? :rofl:)
  • Consultant for some company.
  • “Finally getting paid some money” (people paid for the modules right? :thinking:).
  • “Brother” :rofl:

i was projecting a bit

Sorry if I came across as entitled. If you ever do plan to take the site down I hope there’s a chance for us to archive it (and the forum). I’ve learned so much here.
Take care of yourself!

attack, sustain, release


And a long reverb tail :slight_smile:


I find its super courageous and healthy what you are doing.
I wish you well and am really greatful of your contribution to music in general. Much more fruitfulness will still grow in the seeds you sowed.

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Since we’re making predictions, I think you’re going to become a high-stakes cat burglar. Only the thrills of cutting glass and avoiding laser sensors can compete with closing threads about clones and referring people to information in the manuals.

(thanks for the inspiration!)


now we’re talking!


De loooongues vacances en perspective, je comprend :grin::sleeping::tropical_fish::herb:

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@pichenettes I’m sorry my first module was after your announcement (I just ordered Veils today), but know that Mutable Instruments have been on my planned modules since I I bought my first eurorack module less than a year ago.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for the Softube Modular licensing that initially got me interested in modular, thank you for my future VCAs, thank you for your very being.

Whatever you do in the future, I will forever love the legacy you left.

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