Vaco Loco Tron Drum Sequencer


Is anyone interested in the Vaco Loco Tron Drum Sequencer? :slight_smile: I would love to built one to sequence my nord drum module. The nord drum has an awesome sound (seriously!), but no drum sequencer…

The sequencer has some awesome features and is still compact and easy to use:

  • Ability to store and load 64 sequences, 8 sequences in 8 banks
  • 8 parts with 16 Steps per pattern
  • Ability to chain two patterns
  • Pattern Repeat definable (used when chaining patterns)
  • Two velocities (off, mid, full) for each step (as per TR-909 editing)
  • Variable Tempo
  • Definable Step Length for the pattern
  • Assignable Midi note number for each part
  • Assignable mid velocity level
  • Variable pattern length (1 to 16 steps)
  • MIDI Clock out (with start/stop)
  • MIDI Sync In
  • MIDI sysex update of code

Vaco Loco Tron
Take a look at the Tron videos

I may plan to order all the parts and pcb’s, if their is enough interest (5+). Unfortunately it isn’t super cheap. The expensive led buttons (1 costs 4€ x 17) increase the price somewhat… I think that the pcb + parts will probably cost around 110-120€, if we find enough interest.

It looks like the Tron uses the MEC LED switches, right? At least in USA, you can get them without LEDs from Digikey for much cheaper and insert your own LEDs. I did that with my MidiALF, using super cheap 3mm LEDs from Tayda, works fine, albeit a little fiddly to bend all the LEDs just right.

#josh: ymmd, been looking half eternity for a cheaper solution

I would be interested.

Looking for a sequencer to incorporate into my TR-9090 project when it arrives.

Farnell/Element14 part number and links for the multimec led switches. Much better than 4euro each.

Sweet! My digikey order may be delayed now that Farnell has them

Reichelt have them as well:

Awesome :slight_smile: 1€ at Reichelt is great! Adding the LEDs shouldn’t be to hard. Thanks for you help!

Can anyone recommend me a good, but cheap manufacture of pcbs (for approximately 5-10 pcb prints) ?

I would be interested in pcbs and the IC if possible. :slight_smile:

Adding your own LEDs to 3FTL6 is certainly the way to go… it’s way cheaper and the result is a lot better since the pre-installed LEDs they use are of the crappiest kind. Inserting LEDs into 3FTL6 is not difficult at all: it may take a couple of minutes for the first few ones, then it goes much faster. Here a few pictures that demonstrate the process:

Thanks man!

Ah now is see what i did wrong on my switches for the MidiAlf :slight_smile: … Thanks for clearing this at first sight simple thing up

@shiftr I did my MidiALF ones kind of wrong too… :slight_smile:

I got the leds in there and all the switches work but a few of them have a bit of a different feel because the leds aren’t really straight.

Yeah, I also noticed different feel on some of them, however I attribute it to general flimsiness of this type of LED buttons. Anyone knows better LED buttons with similar size/price range?

The ITT DTL Series is my favourite. Superb Feel, nice smooth metallic click, historic Look.

Mhmmm… Experiences with a MA Lightcommander 24…
Those switches are awesome, and extremely long-lived !

I need to fix up my switches. Peter, you bent those leads much nicer than I did and my buttons kinda stick as a result.

@sammy: i did this too once and was able to replace LED without desoldering the switch… cut the original LED legs, cleaned up holes, and reinserted new LED… tricky but doable. Soon after I got my Hakko 808 desoldering gun and life is not the same anymore :wink:

This thread is completely derailed – how about moving this led button discussion to MidiALF! thread?

Vote for it, will start the sourcing for my Alf as soon as the CV board is available…