V2164D quad VCA - Smallbearelec o.k.?

i´m just getting my bits and pieces together for my ambika and its voicecards, therefore need some CoolAudio V2164D.
I would like to know, if i can use without trouble the Smallbearelec clone ones?

any experiences with these ones? do they work as the original CoolAudio ones?
Whats the differences to the not-cloned ones?

This is not a clone, this is the original chip :slight_smile:


Ask roach if you are in the EU…

And learn to use the search function :wink:

I was searching for V2164 / SSM2164 too… as fcd72 said, ask Rosch :wink:

smallbear are one of the official resellers for coolaudio products. they’re great to deal with and very helpful.

thanks guys.