V2164 chips : Are these the correct ones to get?

Hi all after coming up with some interesting images searching for V2164 , are these the correct ones for the SVF soundcards in Ambika?


Look to be…
I just ordered some from Mammoth Electronics code
400-1034 Coolaudio V2164D (IC) $2.80

the blonde with the bondage gear, right?

yes, they are the right ones, but at MammothEletronics they are cheaper

@Fitvideo, yes, and you know what , I clicked on search EXACTLY as my wife walked in , LOL

" What are you doing?" CLICK " WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

Luckily I hit back and showed her it was an honest mistake

@shaduz Ill try them also, it depends who has best shipping to Canada



Wow, free shipping, does Mammoth sell any other things that are required for an Ambika?

LM13700, but they are only used on 4PM voicecard (x1) and SMR (x3).
Also TL072 and TL074, but might be a better idea to buy all the other components from Mouser, since all the other ICs are usually (slightly) cheaper…

@Google image search+dude163 and Fitvideo


Mammoth sells all kinds of handy things. I bought some 9mm Alpha pots with solid metal shafts for my Yellow Magic Shruthi so I could use some alterna-knobs with the set screws. But it’s just another online pusher of the DIY black hole. :slight_smile:


And now I cant find them, lol, I have all the parts * I think * Illjust get to work on it and see what I need when Im done!

are you trying to justify another google search for V2164? :wink:

I found out why I couldnt find them, they showed up last week in the mail :slight_smile: