V/Oct Tuning

Hello again,

i´m so happy that my Shruti ist running.

So the next step, V/Oct Tuning. I understand what i have to do but i don´t know how does it sounds like.
If i play note C4 until c 8 i can hear every note. but what shall i adjust? If i adjust something, i hear it.
But how does it really sounds like?


The notes should be one octave apart. If your ears are not trained to recognize when notes are one octave apart, you might just want to ignore the setting…

I use software (Freak scope) to me indicates that C4 is also C4.
It’s all just around the filter, so the Osc’s are in fact voted, right?

You’re tuning the filter not the oscillators. It is just so the self oscillation sounds musical.

The oscillators are digital, so extremely stable and already tuned. What is being tuned is the pure sine tone emitted by the filter in self-oscillation, when resonance = 63.

I use a simple cheep 5€ Guitar Tuner to tune the Filter. Personally i don’t like a 100% exact Tracking, my filters tend to oscillate some cents below the OSCs, its somehow is a more vintage Feeling. Or maybe its just me and my MicroWave getting used to the the same (probably bad) habit.

There’s an app for that. A bunch of free ones, in fact. I used to use something on Android, but I think I used N-Track Tuner on iOS for my latest build.

In every DAW theres a Tuner. I just use it because its wired to FX Send 6 :wink:

That’s what happens when you have too many FX Sends… What about FX send 7? Does the jack go straight into a flower pot?

There is no such thing as “to many FX Sends” :wink: How do you Feed the Filter Inputs of your army of Shruthis?

I frequently use the Inline Mixer as Send 7/8 - instead of buying a Porsche i have compensated my Midlife Crisis by an 24/48 CH Console . . .

I have long since passed my midlife crisis and I’m now compulsively collecting glass jars in case there is a depression.

Do 8 output soundcards hardwired to shurthi inputs count?

I have 12 in 12 out, which is just as well as i will soon have three Shruthi-1s as well as all my other stuff.

@herrprof + 6581punk

If you get grown up you’ll also stop mixing in the Box ;) Just kidddin its just because i am to dumb to make a good Mix only in Logic, way easier for me with an analog console. + i wanted to have that many Knob to tweak on.

Actually I used to mixoutside the box and then a thief stole my mixer… Instant recall mixes dont hurt either.


get a bigger Console that can’t be stolen that easy

Yea but then you get into mixer versus wife decisions.

Ach Schnickschnack - its a Console vs. Shoes decision.
And remember: a Neve Console will never let you down - women are different…

Mixer = hardware, Wife = software.
Software tend to complain about lack of resources.

Nono - the 5088 has such a fine finish it will feel as soft as a women can be :wink: