V.A. – 45" (musical exquisite corpse)

After working on it for almost a year, I was finally able to release this! It’s a musical exquisite corpse, created together with other 11 musicians.
Basically every musician made 45" seconds of music, then passed all of this tracks (as stems) on to next one. to make it all a bit more interesting we added rules. So in some places you had to create a crescendo, use a musical theme or had to work only with 3 tracks (this is all explained in detail in the booklet btw.)

You can download it for free here: http://www.sinewaves.it/s3p.html
(comes with a digital booklet designed by me and some extra tracks)

Or you can listen to a preview here:

note: I’m reposting this since it went lost in the server-migration

I’m enjoying this download - thanks Hannes!


you’re totally welcome, glad you like it! :slight_smile: