Uups, what's that then

I dont get the USP for this one - what does it better / other / smarter than other controllers?

Had the same feeling… Just another controller with again not exactly the right layout i’d like to have…

I must say i’m a bit tempted to get this behringer one
The layout is almost exacly right for the four channels of ableton loop samplers i use in my setup.

Well I just found that,
for me fits just a nano-control.
But it sure looks good…

Thanks for posting strangenoize… Midicontrollers interest me very much… I’m using the nanotechnology controls a lot too… I wish they would make one with 32 pots on it.
It also looks like this one is a bit of a copy from the livid ones.

It is always a circle.
A Soundgenerator. A Controller.
Another Soundgenerator. Some Cables.
A Controller. More Amps and Boxes…
I just shot a korg pad kontrol for (ab)using my LXR as it deserves it.

it’s being developed by the black dog. awesome music.

agree that this is a bit daft though. livid instruments already provide this exact kind of device.

lol. there’s a shruthi in shot in the video.

Yes, it’s basically a British alternative to Livid Instruments. They will really have to emphasize the difference between their CS X51 and the Livid Alias 8. (By the way, The Livid Code V2 works brilliantly as a pseudo-programmer for a Shruthi!)

yes! somebody said programmer! frank? programmer?

for what? programmers are boring :wink:

I’m afraid your case of modularitus is really struck you hard…

^ No doubt in that.
MI caused some psychosis in previously good musicians.

OKOKOK… what programmer do you want? :wink:

shiftr? What do we want?


Reminds me of this :slight_smile:

@fcd72: Fixed link

^ lol.

Ambika - right. Do that now.
No, wait. LXR. But Ambika too.

OK, then ill do Ambika next, right after the RED LFO Mk2, GREEN Sequencer MK2, EnVSloop, The Count, triplENV, Dr. Rupert, Exfilinator…

@tb323 link is broken

Great that should be in about 2 weeks then!