Utilisateur francais du shruthi

Je vis à montpellier et cherche à rentrer en contacte avec un utilisateur parlent ma langue ,le francais ! ! ! ! ! merciiiiiiii ! ! !

Don’t put it in too deep!

@jokeair - what these guys are saying is please pay attention to the forum’s language rules

if you only put it in deep enough everything will sound va :wink:

Wow, fcd72’s response for jokeair was so fast!

I use PRISM to track this Forum

To be fair, I think jokeair is requesting someone to help in his native tongue outside this forum.

Maybe you could join a french forum like anafrog or audiofanzine?

i’m living at avignon. I don’t have a shruti, but i have an anushri. If you think i can help you, MP.

Bingo bjarn ! ! !
Pour cesser toute confusion , je cherche effectivement un interlocuteur francais à des fins d’entretient concernent le SHRUTHI’
Tout est dans le but de me simplifier la tache ! !