Using Yellow magic as a delay pedal , feasible? best way?

Hi all, just wondering if its feasible to use the YM as a delay /effects unit .

What would be the best way? to create a user patch that uses the audio input? and then Id have to open up the filter to use the delay function?

and teh max delay is 550 ms I believe , which is the same or more than a lot of the pedals I was looking at

you can launch the test tone, that keeps the VCA open and deactivate the oscillators. but no filter triggering then

I keep going through the cases when using it as a stomp box tho…:wink:
just finishing off a YM, so as rosch says, that’s the method, but I have a couple of PT3299 stomp boxes on the go to cater for the delay part scenario. Just waiting for a mouser order.
Also can’t wait for my mad new toy to turn up , a Jomox t-resonator. Now that does do delay and filtering. And feedback :wink:

Not shure about YM, but you can try unroute VCA gain from ENV2 in modulation matrix. Setting all OSC to none of course.

the YM doesn’t have a high input impedance, so you won’t use it with a guitar directly plugged in. With a buffer, it works pretty nicely.

Fit: were these “PT3299 stomp boxes” Kits or schematics? after sleeping on it, Im thinking a dedicated delay would be a lot better

Regarding PT3299 stomp box kits, I have one of these:

They were PT2399,
I found some schematics, built one on veroboard, etched another pcb and ordered a dedicated pcb from MusicPCB , however with the latter it has been a week and I have heard nothing ;-( Not even an order acknowledgement. Not a happy bunny.

i’ve bought a lot from Taylor, also the echo base. it’s obviously similar to the YME, nice dirty sound with an lfo modulation built in. not like a tape echo of course but cool for another type of sound.
he usually gets back pretty fast when you order, maybe contact him again. he’s definitely reliable and no scammer.

thanks for that, I would not have ordered if I had thought he was a scammer , just strange that he has not replied, and the pcbs look excellent. It is the echo base I am after, having veroboarded it.

Taylor emailed me this evening saying the pcb has been dispatched