Using the Shruthi-1 as filter for external signals

I’m sorry if this is a dumb question (and it probably is), but this is driving me crazy.

I’d like to use my Shruthi as a filter for external signals. The manual states that this signal goes through the VCA, so the envelope controlling that needs to be triggered by MIDI or sequencer. But there are those “in>xxx” patches that just route the signal through the filter. How do those patches open the VCA? I think I’ve looked at every single parameter therein but haven’t found the secret ingredient – it’s not the arpeggiator, and it’s not the sequencer, and it sure isn’t MIDI. Can someone please enlighten me?

the vca is triggered by a midi note, if you want to leave it open, remove the env to VCA from the mod matrix or press the 1 button like mentioned in the other thread (didnt even know that :wink: