Using the CVs in and Outs in Case Design

Finally finished my cv in and out modded cem shruthi-1 thanks to help from my man bleo

Thanks to FCD for making the case, the extra knobs really help. I plan to have the cv out controlling the expression pedal on my midi keyboard so I can lfo assign a random cc parameter.

With Knobs

There may be a post about it (and I will check) but in summary, was it difficult, any schematics to share? Was it a matter of scaling voltage to the typical +5V, had to do overload protection to prevent ATMega = white smoke?


No scaling no protection, just knobs to 5v cv in 1-4 and ground. For the outs im just hooking up to guitar effects that are 5v in so it will also direct connect. You can use the same pics that are in fcd xt programmer pictures.

Very nice mod herrprof
nice case too Franck
Can we have a picture from the inside please it will help a lot guy like me :wink:

its really just wires to pins on the pcb, nothing biggie. I (bleo) followed franks instruments on the xt kits [photos on flickr.