Using the 2 CV Outs with expression pedal inputs on my effects?

I was thinking of adding jacks to the cv outs to connect to the 5v cv of my effects box expression inputs, but it seems the cv out is already connected to my pre-assembled cem filter board. Does this board use these CV outputs? What are these cv outs controlling?

They are going nowhere on the CEM3379 board. You can thus solder cables at the back of the filter board (on the 2 last pins of the 8 pins connector) ; or use a 6 pins connector to sandwich the boards, and hook up something to the 2 last pins.

Thanks For the info!

Hey im using this old thread to see if anyone had any tips on using expression pedal inputs with the digital boards cv out. For example Id like to use my timefactor expression pedal which maxes out at 3.3V, so how would I put the voltage in a reasonable limit for this? Any handy banana charts for this?

an expression pedal has a resistance of 20k typically, so you can just use a resistor divider to scale down from 5v to 3.3v. Something like 15k + 8.2k looks like a good approximation for me. You might want to use a precision trimmer to adjust it very well (not sure it’s necessary).

Actually, in my experience many expression pedals use 10K pots, although a few do have 50K ones. I’ve not so far come across one with 20K though :wink:

A trimmer would still do the job as MciMicMan says though, whatever value it is :slight_smile:

@herrprof: If it’s of any help I wrote this FAQ about expression pedals


the 20k thing is just something I read from the eventide manual, but you’re probably right. I never took the trouble of measuring my expression pedal.

the hole in my knowledge is how to get the shurthi cv out to control the cv input of another device? Anyone have any shruthi specific schematics?