Using Shruthi Filter board without digital control

I have an idea but I’m not sure possible it. I want modding the Shruthi filter board for using without digital control but for control filter parameters (FM, LFO, Resonance etc.) use PC, connected through USB. If possible use USB for powered.
It’s real? I think use Arduino as port or doc station and changes filters when I want. Automation in DAW change parameters filter.

Isn’t it a bit contradictory?

To achieve this goal, you’ll need to design a USB-controlled device that sends the right CV (and the right digital signals for the most advanced filter boards) to a filter board. That’s quite some work.

Or you can just keep the original Shruthi control board and automate/drive it by USB-MIDI !

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Understood. Thanks. Most likely you are right and keep the original Shruthi control board is the best way.

Shruthi Sidekick?

No, the Sidekick is only knob-controllable.