Using Shruthi as an external filter

I have been trying to use my Shruthi as an external filter for my TX802 with the audio in. The signal came thru without any issues; however, it clips like crazy and sometimes even distorts the sound.

I understand the signal was amplified before going into Shruthi which may have caused the issue, and perhaps it’s not the most ideal way to use it. But have you guys tried this with success? If so, would you teach me how to set it up please? For the sake of the experiment, I used the init patch with the OSCs off, so the signal is going straight to VCF > VCA. Thanks!

I use my Shruthi as an external filter sometimes. If the signal is hotter than typical line level (e.g. +4dBu or modular level), it must be lowered before entering the Shruthi.

You can do this many ways:

  • with a resistor network used to make a pad with fixed attenuation
  • with lower levels for the synth patch being sent to get filtered (although this will bring the signal closer to the noise floor, so not ideal)
  • with a master volume knob or slider if the synth has one
  • with a mixer send or direct out sending a lowered signal (will also have the noise floor issue, which won’t matter if you’re enveloping the Shruthi’s VCA)
  • with a passive volume pedal (or any variable resistor/pot)

Not sure what gear you have laying around, but even without any additional equipment, bringing the patch output levels down in the TX802 would solve the problem.

It can be fun to bring the level down, but leave it high enough for the peaks to slighty clip the Shruthi’s input…can get some useful and controllable overdrive sounds, especially on louder attack transients.